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CPSGT Candice’s Journey to Becoming a Sleep Technician

29 January 2023
Life as a daytime Sleep Tech Are you interested in becoming a sleep tech and don't know where to sta...

How Colin became a CPSGT sleep tech

22 January 2023
Finding the right Polysomnography Program Focus Sleep School had the pleasure of instructing Co...

State Sleep Society Meetings 2022

18 December 2022
 I had the honor to attend and support local state sleep societies this past year. Being new to...

Meet Our New Director

18 May 2022
I was born and raised in northern Illinois. As a child I was always interested in teaching, more spe...

So, You Wanna Be a Sleep Tech?

18 May 2022
Sleep medicine and technology has changed dramatically since it was first recognized in the 1970's. ...

What our students are saying...

This program was amazing. The instructor was there every minute to answer questions and give examples. She made sure that we understood the material. I couldnt be happier. I'm so excited to start my new career!